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    The rules of Metamence forums


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    The rules of Metamence forums

    Post by Metamence on May 17th 2009, 3:05 pm

    Here at Metamence forums there are rules for you to follow here. It is recommended that you read these before doing something that you think may get you in trouble or etc. New members do not get leeways as they should be familiar to the rules.

    1. General Forum Rules.
    a. This is a kid friendly forum so please limit the foul language. This includes cussing, racist remarks, or anything that can't be said in a PG tv show. Although you can use some, hence the limit.
    b. Do not show unfriendly material. Do not post porn, or anything crude. Although you may discuss adult interests such as tv shows but report if required.
    c. Do not spam. A good friend told me (darkrai dude hehe..) "Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages". An example of this is: Topic: Pokémon Spam post: I lieks choclat mlik! So don't post anything off topic, not worth reading, that makes no sense, or anything else that does not have common sense in it.
    d. Do not post multiple times unless specified in a forum. E.g Fan Art or work.

    Will be updated later.

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